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Let's join the Association Junior Ballet Lovere!

If you want to be part of our Association you can become an active member, and you will be a part of the associative life, giving your personal contribution!

You will find a very stimulating environment and lots of activities in constant evolution.

Being able to dance is not necessary to be part of the JUNIOR BALLET LOVERE, but loving art and wanting to contribute to its diffusion

Get in touch with us, it will be a pleaure to meet you!


The dancers of the JUNIOR BALLET LOVERE are students from the upper classes of the Scuola di Danza Classico-Accademica Circolo Lucchini RS Lovere.

You can become a part of it too, if you are truly passioned about ballet and you have a good classical tecnique.

Auditions take place privately.

If you wish to audition send your materials through the contacts form:

- Curriculm vitae

- Photos ( first plan, full body in ballet sute)

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